Local Hurricane Relief Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer to help the hurricane victims, contact one of the organizations below:


Food Serving at the Astrodome - Sponsored by Second Baptist Church

Second Baptist Church is supporting extensive food service relief efforts to support the 20,000 plus Astrodome hurricane victims.  This project requires 240 volunteers each meal.  For more information, contact Second Baptist Church.

ARC of Greater Houston - Housing Children with Disabilities

 The ARC of Greater Houston will be the clearing house for those in the Houston area who are willing to open their homes to families with children who have cognitive, intellectual or developmental disabilities and are in the Houston area, having fled the hurrican damage.  If you are willing to be on that contact list, or know of people who need assistance, please call 713.957.1600.

 Hurricane Relief Fundraiser - Oakhurst Golf Club and Humble Area Chamber

Monday, September 12th. $50 per player. 

Read the full article for a list of more opportunities.