Kingwood K Stickers

If you have lived in Kingwood for any time at all, you have probably heard about the Kingwood "K" stickers.  Recently there have been letters to the editor in the Kingwood Observer, unending posts on Kingwood message boards, and displays on the KSA signs throughout Kingwood.


But if you're new to Kingwood you might ask, what are they, why would I want one, and where would I get it? Read on to find the answers to your questions. 

What are Kingwood K Stickers?

The "K" stickers are small stickers with a green "K" that Kingwood residents are supposed to put on their car to use the Kingwood Parks. 

Do I Need a K Sticker for all the Kingwood Parks?

If you call the Kingwood Service Association, most of the time (depending on who you talk to) the answer will be 'Yes."  However, the primary purpose for the K stickers is to try to monitor the use of the boat ramp at River Grove Park at the south end of Woodland HIlls Dr. 

If you don't have a K sticker and you have a boat trailer, you will probably be towed.  Since soccer games are played at that park and there are nonresidents coming for that purpose, it really isn't feasible to enforce the K requirement on all cars.

Just remember if you are at River Grove Park, please do not park in the boat parking unless you have a trailer attached.

Who can get a K Sticker?

If you live in Kingwood, whether you own or rent your home, you can get a K sticker.  You just need to provide proof of residency when you pick one up (driver's license, utility bill, etc.).

Where do I get a K Sticker?

The Kingwood Service Association gives out the K Stickers.

They are located at 1102 Kingwood Drive, Suite 104, in Kingwood, which is in the Main Street Bank building on the Southeast corner of Kingwood Drive and Chestnut Ridge (Map it).  Be sure to check the suite number, the name on the door is McCormick Accounting rather than KSA.

For office hours, call 281.358.5192.