Kingwood Author Tells All in 101 Ways to Make Money and Score Big on Ebay

Forest Cove resident Mike Wood recently published "101 ways to make money & score BIG on eBay!" Using the 'write what you know' philosoply, Mike drew on his background as a successful eBayer to write the book. Mr. Wood has eBay's highest feedback rating (100%) and has had sales of over $150,000.


In this book, Mike shares his secrets for bargain hunting for eBay buyers and for achieving high profits for eBay sellers. Mike has engaged in over 5,000 transactions on eBay and he also shares his knowledge of how to maintain what he calls "the all important 100% positive feedback rating".

"101 ways to make money & score BIG on eBay!" is Mike's fourth book in his "101 Ways" series. The author's first book, "101 Ways to Modify Land Cruisers & Other SUVs," was born out of his experience with modifying his Land Cruiser for a mountain guiding business he ran in the 1990's.

His second book, "101 Ways to Save Money!" was based on years of creating money saving strategies and enjoying the benefits of a debt-free lifestyle. The third book in the series was, "101 Ways to Save Time!"

This book was a natural, stemming from the precision time scheduling he used in his mountain guiding days, along with years of having to minimize time in his day-job as an air traffic controller. Mike had also volunteered as an Emergency Medical Technician, another profession in which seconds can be critical.

Mike says "I've only just begun and I've got another half dozen books planned for the '101 Ways' series." The author stated that he has embraced the internet revolution and released all his books in the PDF eBook format. Mike says, "this cuts the cost to the consumer by over 50%."

Unlike many authors, Mike makes his books available in an unencrypted format. This allows readers the opportunity to print their own copy if they desire, in addition to the usual options of viewing on desktop, laptop or Kindle-type eBook reader.

For more information on Mike's books, or to view his blogs on saving money or using eBay, see his website www.mikewoodbooks.com