Where to Vote:  Polling Locations for Kingwood, Houston, and Harris County

Kingwood , TX:  The hotly contested election season is drawing to a close.  Tuesday, November 4th, is Election Day. If you haven't already taken advantage of the early voting period,November 4th is the final chance to make your voice heard.


Unlike during early voting where you could go to any polling station in your county, you must go to your designated precint to vote.


Polling stations will be open in Harris and Montgomery counties from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Voting Tips:

Have a form of identification ready.  If you do not have your voter registration card, you can show your drivers license.

Voting areas are partisan free.  The state of Texas has restrictions on advertisements promoting candidates at the polling locations.  This includes articles of clothing as well as promotional literature.

Cast your vote and check it twice.  Voting for a presidential candidate and then choosing the straight ticket option is considered a "double vote" and will negate your presidential vote.  A summary of your vote choices are provided at the end of the selection prior to casting your vote.  Be sure to carefully review your choices.

Find Your Voting Location

You canfind the polling location for your precint online.  Harris County residents can visit HarrisVotes.com,  Go to Voting Information  => Find Your Voting Info and enter your address.

Montgomery County residents can look up their precint location by entering their name and birthdate in the county voter registration database