marketing success

In today's tough economic climate, it is more important than ever for businesses to aggressively marketing their business.  Now businesses can get a head start with a free ecourse, "Developing a Marketing Plan," from  Legacy Marketing Services.

This free 12 part ecourse will walk business owners and managers through the steps of developing a marketing plan, beginning with fine tuning your company's competitive advantage, identifying your target marketing, establishing a baseline, setting goals, and allocating a budget

As the lessons progress, participants will develop promotional campaigns and a plan for putting it  into production, and get tips on integrating their marketing efforts as well as how to track results.   Worksheets and marketing templates will be included in the course for reference.

The course is offered by Carla Alvarez, owner of Legacy Marketing Services, which provides integrated marketing services for small business.  "One of the things that I frequently find when working with small business is that they do not have a written marketing plan," stated Alvarez.  "After going through this 12 week course and spending a couple of hours each week, each person should have a solid plan to grow their business."

To enroll in the course, visit www.legacymarketingservices.com/free-marketing-course/ and enter your name and email address to receive your first lesson.  Each week, a new lesson will arrive in your inbox that will take you one step further to completing your marketing plan.

Legacy Marketing Services is a Houston-based business providing business marketing services.  It is devoted to helping businesses streamline processes and develop cost-effective marketing strategies.  Comprehensive services are offered, including web, print and identity services. For more information, visit www.legacymarketingservices.com or call 713.289.0819.