Precinct 4 Recognizes First Geocacher  to Finish 2015 GeoChallenge

Harris County Precinct 4’s first 2015 GeoChallenge participant to find all 57 caches is Brian Hayes, who finished in less than one week.

Kicking off March 7, Precinct 4’s 2015 GeoChallenge features 57 hidden caches containing a log book and collectible bottle caps. For completing the challenge, Hayes earned bronze, silver and gold pathtags as his awards.

To find all 57 geocaches, Hayes had to cover hundreds of Precinct 4 miles from Greens Bayou Wetland Mitigation Bank in the east to Dyess Park in the west and Burroughs Park in the north to Memorial Park in the south. Since beginning, Hayes has been the first to find more than 2,000 geocaches from as far away as Beaumont—an honor in geocaching.

“We’re proud we have such dedicated geocachers in the precinct. We designed this challenge to cover hundreds of miles, so finishing in a week was no easy feat,” said Precinct 4 Commissioner R. Jack Cagle. “Just remember, you can complete this challenge at your own pace. If you aren’t the first to find a cache, you can still find plenty of surprises left by other geocachers and amass bottle caps to earn pathtags.”

For more information, visit thePrecinct 4 GeoChallenge webpage atwww.hcp4.net/community/parks/geochallenge. To claim a prize, either mail your completed passport with all necessary contact information or hand-deliver your passport and/or bottle caps to the Harris County Precinct 4 Parks Office, located within Dennis Johnston Park at 709 Riley Fuzzel Road in Spring, TX 77373