Kingwood High Schoolers partner with Deerwood Elementary fifth-graders in science lab

Deerwood Elementary School fifth-graders and Kingwood High School students dissected sheep’s eyes together.

Kingwood High School Advanced Placement biology teacher Glenda Rice originally initiated the sheep’s eye dissection as a service-learning activity for KHS freshmen to demonstrate responsibility and to teach others something they were learning in class. The idea caught on and is now led by Kingwood High School biology teachers Laura Bridges and Christina Young.

KHS freshman Garrett Allen was among the many Kingwood High School students who once did the activity as a fifth-grader, “It was kind of scary at first, but I had a high schooler that was really friendly.” Now he wants to provide that for someone else. “I wanted to match that for my fifth-grader, who is also named Garrett,” Allen said.

KHS freshman McKenzie Borchers also remembers, “Back in the fifth grade I just didn’t know what I was doing,” she said. “It was like stabbing an eyeball, but now I do, and can pass it on.”

KHS Freshman Luke Blackburn had the privilege of teaching his little brother about the sheep’s eye activity and said that, “Back when I was in elementary school, I looked up to the person I was paired with in this lab. I tried to make it that way for my brother.”