Amazing Appetizers for New Year's Eve

Amazing Appetizers for New Year's Eve

You may be looking for some amazing appetizers you may be looking for them for New Years Eve, or perhaps you want a great ideas for an upcoming party. Here is a great selection of appetizer recipes that are heavy enough to work as a meal. 


You may be looking have a party to ring in the New Year. Why not spend the evening with friends and family to celebrate the past year, and to look forward to the next one. I love to have serve up a variety of appetizers when I have a party. This way you aren't locked into serving a meal, and by serving up appetizers you have some flexibility in your cooking. You don't want all of the appetizers to be served all at once, but rather, you can stretch them out over the evening. I love to serve a variety of hot and cold appetizers. When serving up hot appetizers I often utilize my ever trusty slow cooker. I can put cheese dip in there, a bowl of meat balls, and well the possibilities are endless. I also bring out my electric fondue pot to serve up a fondue or two. I find these are so much fun, and people enjoy putting together their own plates when they get to dip whatever they want into the cheese. Here is a collection of my favorites.

It's soo Cheesy

During the cooler months I like to serve warm cheese dishes and cheese dips. You may want to serve these with crusty bread, crackers, chips, or fresh vegetables.

Meaty Appetizers

These appetizers are heartier and feature meat as the starring flavor. I like to serve meatballs and other meaty dishes so everyone feels nice and full. I like dishes that I can keep warm in a slow cooker, this way the dishes stay nice and warm.

Single Bite Delights

These are always my favorite to serve. I like nice elegant bites. My favorite are the Olives En Croute, you actually need to make these ahead of time. You make these ahead of time, and take them out of the freezer. These are olives that are encrusted in a spicy cheese coating.

I hope you have a happy New Year and celebrate the evening with those that you love. Peace and Blessings to you in 2015.


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