Benefits of Marigolds

The Many Benefits of Marigolds

After the spells of cold freezes we have experienced in the Houston area over the past month, the bright blooms of marigolds provide a cheerful promise of spring. However, marigold are more than just a bright spot of color in spring gardens, they also provide a number of benefits, both in your home and garden.

Marigolds as Pest Control

Conventional wisdom says that marigolds are an insect repellent when planted among vegetables. There is debate about whether this conventional wisdom actually holds true. 1 However, what has been proven to be true is that marigolds planted in garden beds, particularly as cover crops, will prevent certain types of nematodes that attack vegetables, particularly those that tomato plants are susceptible to. 2

Various gardeners have found from personal experience that marigolds serve as other types of pest control such as aphids3 and mosquitoes.45

Homeopathic Uses for Marigolds

Marigolds, also known as calendula have been used for centuries in homeopathic remedies such as to treat conjunctivitis and other eye inflammations. It has been used as an antiseptic as an aid to heal wounds and treat ulcers. Topical use in a cream have been used for acne, rashes, and infusions for digestion. 6

Marigolds in Cooking

Signet marigolds, also known as Tagetes signata are edible with a spicy flavor. They are often found as part of a herbal salad or as an edible garnish. The marigold known as Tagetes lucida has been used as a substitute for French tarragon.7

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Recipes Using Marigold

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