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Deck the (Decluttered) Halls

Deck the (Decluttered) Halls

Holiday time is almost here! November begins our holiday celebrations with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah and New Year's Eve. Our holidays bring amazing joy and lots to do at our homes. Doing just a little decluttering makes it easier to decorate your home and helps you feel prepared. Spend on hour on one of these four areas to help you get prepared for your most memorable holiday


ADD and Productivity Tips

ADD and Productivity Tips

  Slow to start, hard to complete, lose interest, or can't get it perfect? These are some of the stresses of productivity and ADD. Having some tools to work through these challenges can help.


holiday organizing tips

Organizing Tips: Get Ahead for the Holidays

The holiday season is just around the corner! That means there's a lot to be done in a short time. The holidays are about giving and sharing, as well as helping those in our community.

Plan your holiday season with a big paper month-at-a-glance calendar or the google calendar online. Knowing your upcoming commitments and plans keeps you from double booking. Review it weekly to keep on track with purchasing gifts and making goodies. Set deadlines on your calendar to get it all complete.

It all starts with lists.


organizing on the go

Organized On The Go

In the fall we start back on our regular routines of school and work. Your car is your office on the go and your home away from home! Whether you are a professional going to work or a busy mom or dad carpooling, having an organized vehicle can make the difference in your travels.

Think about what items you will need as you travel. We all need tissues, first aid kit, car insurance, and a flashlight just in case. What is needed for other travelers? Busy families may need books or toys. Travel for work may require business products and files. Take a few minutes to plan and write a list of needs for you and your family.


back to school checklist

Back to School Preparation Checklist

It's August and you and your kids are counting down the days until school begins again.  Start the year off right with some easy steps to prepare for the first day.   A little preparation goes a long way throughout the school year.  


It is time to schedule all those back to school doctor, dental and eye glass appointments. It can take up to 2 weeks so call now for the best time.  Many athletic departments require physicals and it is important to have an updated immunization record. Be proactive and get these dates on your calendar.  Remember to get an extra copy for your files too!  Schedule other groom essentials like haircuts and more too.


productivity tips

Adult ADD and Productivity

Slow to start, hard to complete, lose interest, can't get it perfect? These are some of the stresses of productivity and ADD.  Having some tools to work through these challenges can help. 

Know your strengths and work from your strengths.  Have the best possible match for your work.  Creativity, being in the moment, and being a people person are often strengths for people with ADD.  Also an intense curiosity and love of information are common. Tedious, every day tasks are usually not.  Whatever your strengths, capitalize on them in your work. 

Create partnerships that work for you.  It can include an administrative assistant, a colleague, or technology.   The interaction with your partner will help you get started and the accountability will help you finish.  Be sure to ask for help in addition if you need this from a professional organizer, an ADD coach or a productivity consultant.


moving tips

Helpful Tips for a Stress Free Move

May is National Moving Month!  Each year, more than 21 million Americans move between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The average American moves once every seven years.  Moving is an arduous task at best. Take all your stuff, stuff it in a box, stuff it in a truck or storage, and unstuff it! Now this is not for sissies!  However, the more organized you are, the better your move!

Declutter.  You have less, you have less to pack. It is as simple as that. Live a life of relationships, not stuff.  Begin decluttering as soon as you learn you are moving. Even better, declutter regularly.  Remember that game, if I had to move to Australia, what would I take?  Not much.  So really be decisive about what is important to keep.


tax time tips

Timely Tax Time Tips

Taxes strike terror in all of us! Not only are many papers included in the process, we have to make time to organize the information.  Use these timely tax tips to get control of this project.

Create a master file for all tax related papers
Even before your 1099 papers arrive, start a master file using an expanding red folder  and manila files. Label the files with the important tax categories -W-2 information, interest and dividend income, capital gains and losses, charitable donations, medical and dental expenses, deductible business expenses, and miscellaneous deductions (educational expenses, safe deposit boxes, financial planning).


simple christmas tips

Lower Holiday Stress: Keep It Simple Santa

It is the happiest of times and the busiest of times!  The holiday season is here!  Sharing a few ideas to help you celebrate this special time of year!

Choose One

Whether is it choosing gifts, baking holiday cookies or sending Christmas cards, we often have complicated choices.  Choose one biggie and make it your best.  Simplicity is a powerful way to do your best and de-stress. 

Also, think about taking one task off your list this year.  Throughout the year we are busy, and the holidays are extra busy.   Take off that one task you dislike the most, you are least prepared for, or one you can delegate easily. 


holiday organizing planner

The Holiday Planner: Keeping your holidays merry and bright

Your holiday plans are a big project and what better way to keep this information together than a holiday planner !  Your holiday planner consolidates your gifts, decorations, recipes and agenda to one spot for easy access. 

Holiday binder

Choose a 3 ring binder with a front slip in slot.   Have fun creating a front page for your binder to get you in the mood.  You can cut up old family holiday cards or print a coloring page. Label the spine with your label maker so at a glance you can find your binder.


Kingwood bathroom remodeling

Lower Costs Make Now a Great Time for a Bathroom Remodel

Have you outgrown your small home, but you're staying put for financial or economic reasons? Or maybe you recently bought a house in foreclosure that was a great deal, but needs fixing up.If so, you're part of the re-energized remodeling market. For the first time since 2006, home-improvement spending is up, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.


home improvement tips

Simple Steps To Preserve the Value of Your Home

If you're like most Americans, then your greatest asset is your home. But with recent declines in home values, it may be time to consider options for preserving your home's value. Since the value of your home is directly tied to its condition, Handyman Matters suggests following the steps below for ways to help preserve that value.