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Simple Accessory Switches Can Lighten Your Decor for Summer Days

With winter a fading memory, it’s time to let your home decor fully embrace the light, upbeat spirit of warm weather. Discard those darker hues in your home, and brighten things up a bit! Incorporating lighter-colored accessories is a fast and easy way to brighten the mood in your home. Switching out heavy winter curtains with sheers or replacing a hunting scene wall hanging with something botanical themed is a cost-effective, effortless way to welcome light and nature into your household - and cast out the lingering chilly effects of winter.


full home checkup

Essential Tasks for Your Home Maintenance Check List

Unlike your car, your home doesn't come with a maintenance manual. Keeping your home in good shape means staying on top of the many things you need to do to protect its value and your family's safety.

A home maintenance checklist can get very long. But there are simple things you can do on a regular basis to avoid loss and preserve your investment. There are many things that can happen to a home. Even minor incidents can wind up costing thousands of dollars. Handyman Matters professional craftsmen have put together this list of items to do around your home to avoid costly repairs down the road.


kingwood home improvement

When it Comes to Home Improvement, Small Projects Pay Off

Current economic conditions have forced many families to re-evaluate their spending habits and cut back in certain areas that are no longer deemed necessities. Dining out, family vacations and the purchase of that new TV are all being postponed until the economy makes it out of the red - but some things, like home improvement projects, can't be pushed off quite as easily. And while you may not be ready to invest in a whole new set of tools to begin your home improvement project, Handyman Matters provides a solution to help you tackle those jobs that just can't wait.


home cost saving tips

Tips For Cutting Costs Around Your Home

With the arrival of warmer weather, it can be a challenge to keep your home cool and comfortable, yet keep your energy bills in check. By taking steps now to make your home more environmentally friendly, you'll not only help save natural resources, but you'll save money, too.

With air conditioners and appliances running throughout the summer, it's easy to burn up energy and raise costs. In fact, the energy used in the average house is responsible for twice as many greenhouse gas emissions than the average car, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To help you get started in "greening" your home, Handyman Matters offers these tips to help you.


bathroom remodeling kingwood

How to Make Today's Smaller Bathrooms Live Larger

This is the decade of right-sizing. The economic reset triggered by the excesses of the last decade is forcing our society to rethink its definition of "enough." One area under enormous scrutiny is housing. How much space does it really take to house the average American family of 2.61 people?


home delegating tips

Delegating and Team Building at Home

You come home after work and start the 2nd shift. There’s always more to do than time to do it. Gather your family around you and think delegate, a.k.a. team building!

There are a few ground rules that apply at home, that don’t apply at the office. The complexity of family relationships makes delegating at home more challenging than at work. But it is not impossible. Truly applying team building makes this happen!


get organized month

January is National Get Organized Month. Celebrate with 5 Organizing Projects You Can Complete in 5

People describe clutter as overwhelming and out of control. Often it is getting started on organizing that keeps you from being organized. If you don’t have hours to get organized, here are 5 things you can do for 5 minutes each to get your home in order.


holiday decorating tips

Tired of the same old decorating stuff?

Translate your decorating trends into your holiday decor. 

Well, it’s that time of year again!  If you’ve been out and about in the retail stores, you know that the holidays are creeping around the corner.  Already among the Halloween tricks and treats are your decorations for fall harvest:  pumpkins, gourds and botanicals in your favorite autumn colors.  Sitting discreetly on the shelves, waiting for the perfect moment to make their entrance, are boxes upon boxes of holiday lights and ornaments.  And you know, that as soon as the ghoulish displays are cleared, the Christmas trees seem to pop up out of nowhere.


tax planning

Key Planning Opportunities for 2010

As with the start of every New Year, some key financial planning opportunities will be available to all investors beginning in 2010.  One opportunity that has not received nearly as much press as others is the upcoming changes in the Roth IRA rules. 


back to school

Back to School Preparation Checklist

It’s August and you and your kids are counting down the days until school begins again. Start the year off right with some easy steps to prepare for the first day. A little preparation goes a long way throughout the school year.


It is time to schedule all those back to school doctor, dental and eye glass appointments. It can take up to 2 weeks so call now for the best time. Many athletic departments require physicals and it is important to have an updated immunization record. Be proactive and get these dates on your calendar. Schedule other groom essentials like haircuts and more too!


finding a financial planner

Tips On Finding A Financial Planner

The time and research you should put in to finding a financial planner is no different than the time and research you should put into finding a good family doctor. You are looking for someone you can trust and guide your financial health, after all. But how should you start your search? According to the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) there are no fewer than 69 different financial credentials that you may run into. This article will attempt to help you narrow down your search before you even pick up the phone and start calling prospective planners.


financial planning for couples

Family Finances – A Role For Both Spouses


Dad mows the yard, cooks all the meals, and handles all repair jobs. Mom does all the grocery shopping, is in charge of taxiing the kids to their ‘practice du jour’, and takes care of the laundry.

Division of household duties such as these sounds all too common these days. In most cases, the handling of family finances falls to a particular spouse as well. However, when it comes to the family finances, it is imperative that both spouses play a role. If not, the result could be a devastating blow when a spouse is left to pick up the pieces.