Helpful Tips

The summer months offer children and their families plenty of opportunities for fun activities like swimming, biking, playing with friends and parties, among many, many others.

In 1908, Anna Jarvis launched a nationwide campaign for observance of Mother’s Day to honor her late mother, a community health advocate.

After the spells of cold freezes we have experienced in the Houston area over the past month, the bright blooms of marigolds provide a cheerful promise of spring. However, marigold are more than just a bright spot of color in spring gardens, they also provide a number of benefits, both in your home and garden.

Everyone loves fresh squeezed orange juice and the taste of real lemon juice in recipes.  But citrus can be used for more beyond simply eating the fruit.  In honor of our recent workshop with John Panzarella at the Kingwood Garden Center, here are 10 ways to use citrus in your home.

In the past several years, Texas trees have taken a heavy hit from fire blight.  It is a condition causing leaves to brown and dry up resulting from a bacterial infection.  The leaves look like they have been scorched by fire, thus the name “fire blight.”1 

We've reached the New Year.  A turn of the calendar which causes many of us think back on the year that has been and, of course, eagerly await the year to be.  Over the last few weeks there have been a many festivities, gatherings, shared meals, and high expectations.  In the aftermath of this comes “holiday remorse” and a series of grand, sweeping resolutions.

You may be looking for some amazing appetizers you may be looking for them for New Years Eve, or perhaps you want a great ideas for an upcoming party. Here is a great selection of appetizer recipes that are heavy enough to work as a meal. 

It’s easy to be overwhelmed at holiday time. There’s so many activities, so much to accomplish and so many ways to get off track.  Added together, these take away holiday fun.  Staying focused on holiday joy requires holiday organizing.  Choose one of these 8 simple tips for less stress this holiday season.

I love to keep things simple. I am a born organized person who wants to help others simplify, create order and help people live the life they imagined. So I wanted to share some tips that I use to make each day a little more organized.

Holiday time is almost here! November begins our holiday celebrations with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah and New Year's Eve. Our holidays bring amazing joy and lots to do at our homes. Doing just a little decluttering makes it easier to decorate your home and helps you feel prepared. Spend on hour on one of these four areas to help you get prepared for your most memorable holiday

  Slow to start, hard to complete, lose interest, or can't get it perfect? These are some of the stresses of productivity and ADD. Having some tools to work through these challenges can help.

The holiday season is just around the corner! That means there's a lot to be done in a short time. The holidays are about giving and sharing, as well as helping those in our community.

Plan your holiday season with a big paper month-at-a-glance calendar or the google calendar online. Knowing your upcoming commitments and plans keeps you from double booking. Review it weekly to keep on track with purchasing gifts and making goodies. Set deadlines on your calendar to get it all complete.

It all starts with lists.