Helpful Tips

Throughout our country, we are ever so blessed in our homes! Closets are filled to the brim with items that we own, more than we even know we have! The holiday season is the perfect time to take the time to share our blessings with those around us. Enlist your children in sharing their toys with those in need as well.


In the fall we start back on our regular routines of school and work.  Your car is your office on the go and your home away from home! Whether you are a professional going to work or a busy mom or dad carpooling, having an organized vehicle can make the difference in your travels.   


In our busy lives, information and paper come at us from all directions all the time! Where does all this come from?  It comes in with the mail, from school or work with our children or partner, or in a purse!  These items might require immediate action, might be dates and times to enter on our calendar, bills to pay, or addresses or service providers we may need later.  The family communication center is a space for information and paper that needs easy access and quick retrieval. 


With summer in gear, what better spot to begin to clear the clutter than your children’s toy room! Our children are blessed with abundance and this can be overwhelming to them. Many times toys are ignored because the pieces are missing or combined with other games, there are too many toys out or there is total chaos in the toy room.


Each new year we see the opportunity to refresh, revitalize, resolve and renew.   Our goals are the road map we follow for the year.  We determine what is most important to us and what we will honor as our priorities. 

Start the year off spending time strategizing and writing what will be your focus in personal, professional, spiritual, wellness, family and other goals this year. 


As parents, we want what is best for our children.  Giving our children the best requires an enormous investment of time, energy, finances and emotions.  If you are currently taking care of a child, you have an important role in helping to build the future.  Your child’s future quality of life depends on what he or she learns from you about the importance of proper nutrition.  Developing good eating habits with your children is extremely important – every bit as important as making sure they do their homework, wear a seatbelt, return home on time, and look both ways before they cross the street.  


It's hurricane season again in Texas.  Just one year ago the world watched as Hurricane Katrina devasted Louisiana and the surrounding gulf states. 

Kingwood and the Houston area helped many of the Katrina evacuees, and then one month later needed help themselves as Hurricane Rita threatened to hit Houston as a Category 5 hurricane.  Luckily Rita shifted and downgraded to a  category 3 before it hit, but the damage was still extensive.


School begins soon and possibly some anxious moments of lost homework, a disheveled backpack and unknown test dates.  Whether it's keeping track of homework or remembering to bring home a backpack, students from middle school through college need to be organized to succeed in school. For many students academic challenges are often due to disorganization rather than intelligence.  Organizing for academic success is a learned skill and with the right tools and routines can make a difference for any student. 


What lurks in our most important kitchen space? The pantry!  When we organize, it is the spot that will most save time and money, as well as reduce stress (especially at 5pm!)  The pantry can be stocked with items on sale for daily use and to protect us in those emergency situations too.  It is also the spot to begin party planning.  Use these effortless steps to organize your pantry.   


From the sugar-cookie-baking party at Grandma’s house to the way the ornaments adorn the tree, during the holidays many American families focus on tradition.


Are you prepared?  This year’s hurricane season has brought the need for emergency preparedness to a new level.  Get started with these online resources in order to be prepared in advance.  Being prepared makes all the difference!   


Fall means back to school for our children and sometimes ourselves!  Organization is a key part of educational success!  Try these tips with your family to assist in their achievements.