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Kingwood, TX

Local business owners win a $2400 Marketing Makeover!

new leaf organizing

When Tara Hahn, co-owner of New Leaf Organizing, entered a Marketing Makeover contest, she told her partner, Patricia Vela, she didn’t know why she was entering because they would never win.

But, is she ever glad she did now! Tara reflects back to when she first entered. She had found the contest mentioned in the local paper with just a few days left to enter. She also remembers thinking it was too much trouble to enter because it was an essay type entry with lots of questions. However, she pursued, and now is the lucky winner.

The contest was hosted by Penworth Marketing in Humble, Texas, and was only open to those located within a 20 mile radius.

Carmen Wisenbaker, President of Penworth Marketing, said they received hundreds of entries but only a handful actually qualified because they didn’t follow the rules. Carmen was not in charge of the judging, however. There were 3 judges in charge of making the winning selection. They were Dr. Kyle Buchan with Kingwood Chiropractic, Leslie Sarmiento with Interiors by Decorating Den - Kingwood, and Lynn Beckwith with Beckwith’s Car Care.

All 3 judges were impressed with Tara’s entry (although they only knew the entry by a number). It came down to her entry and one other for consideration. But, after much deliberation, all 3 judges were convinced, this was the winner.

When Carmen contacted Tara to let her know she had won, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She immediately called Patricia to give her the news. Their business was fairly new, but their friendship had been for many years. They first met while working together at another firm. They complement each other’s working style and had recently decided to start their own firm. Although they have been careful to build the right foundation for their business, to now be able to work with a marketing expert, is a real dream come true.

The winning prize is a complete Marketing Makeover (valued at $2400), that takes 6 months to complete. Tara and Patricia will work closely with Carmen as they complete each step of the program.

Carmen says she is thrilled to be working with such deserving business owners and is so proud the judges took such care in making their selection.

For more information on New Leaf Organizing, go to www.NewLeafOrg.com and for more information on Penworth Marketing, go to www.Penworth.com.

o see more photos, go to www.penworth.com/tara

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