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Kingwood, TX

Midwives Open Reunion Womens Health & Birth Center in Kingwood

Midwives Open Reunion Womens Health & Birth Center in Kingwood
Certified Nurse-Midwives Polly Logan, left, and Janet Little show off one of the water birth tubs at their new Kingwood business: Reunion Women’s Health & Birth Center.

Kingwood, TX - Two Kingwood residents have given birth to a new business. Certified Nurse-Midwives Polly Logan and Janet Little have opened Reunion Women’s Health & Birth Center behind Kingwood Medical Center.


The birth center allows healthy women with low-risk pregnancies the opportunity to personalize their birth experience in a home-like setting with fewer medical interventions and more family participation.

The 3,300 square-foot complex features two private birthing rooms along with a common kitchen and family waiting room. Each birthing room has a custom-manufactured, thermal air-jetted tub for water births, a full-sized bed, rocking chair and birthing ball, giving expectant moms a choice as to where to labor and deliver.

“We encourage women to listen to their bodies and help them to find the most comfortable position to labor and birth,” explains Logan.

The midwives are excited to offer water births because of the benefits for the laboring mother,
including easing pain and promoting relaxation. These benefits help to reduce the need for drugs
and interventions.

Little and Logan know a lot about birthing babies. Both have Master’s of Science degrees in nursing from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. Little was the first midwife on staff at Kingwood Medical Center delivering babies there for more than four years. Logan has worked in high and low-risk pregnancy obstetrical nursing for 15 years.

Reunion Birth Center is licensed by the Texas Department of Health Services requiring the facility to follow strict guidelines and standards to insure its patients’ safety and health. The midwives work closely with obstetricians and pediatricians in the case of an emergency. The center has emergency medical equipment and hospital transportation procedures in place if necessary.

Beyond obstetrical care, Reunion offers preventive well-woman and gynecological care
including contraceptive and menopausal management in their spacious, relaxing offices.
Little and Logan maintain: “Our mission is to offer gentle, professional care while providing an environment that respects our patients’ time and their need for personalized attention.”

Reunion Women’s Health & Birth Center is at 201 Kingwood Medical Dr., Suite B300
in Kingwood. For more information, visit www.reunionmidwives.com or call 281-359-BABY (2229).

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