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Kingwood, TX

Think First. Think GREEN.

Think First. Think GREEN.

Just another way we can all help out.

Local independent consultant announces creative awareness program for home and business and ideas to avoid waste and help save the planet.

America is finally beginning to go “green”. If anything, the recent erratic weather around the world may even create converts. Everyday more companies and people are choosing paper over plastic, and questioning whether to buy a gas-guzzling vehicle or other non-environmentally friendly products.


For years, Geiger, America’s oldest and largest privately held distributor of promotional products has provided its customers with recycled products from many reputable suppliers even before recent worldwide greening efforts; Items such as rulers, document clips, key tags, dog bowls, polyester tote bags (from plastic soda bottles) and other varied products; most always including a company imprint.  But recycled products are just one solution to avoid using petroleum-based products.

Ted Baida (Kingwood TX ), independent consultant for Geiger says, “Yes, recycling is very smart and one should attempt to get into this habit soon, but not just at home. And not just in disposal but also in purchasing. Just read the labels and follow the recycling product symbols. Believe it or not, corn-based fuel is not just a new gasoline replacement. Corn “plastics” have been used in our business for some time. Like recycled products there are other uses, such as in the manufacture of mugs and trade show take-home bags, and more. If not immediately suggested by a consultant, the buyer just needs to ask for green products.”

Ted offers a simple, inexpensive, yet clever solution to the general public, teachers, corporate America, students, and home-based businesses. “If everyone jumps on the bandwagon it should help save a major portion of the planet… its trees, while also reducing excessive waste disposal and land fills”, he says.

REDUCE WASTE: Paper from trees will more than likely remain as a staple for some time. What you do with it is the key. A simple awareness solution is a sticker (a label). If each user, at home or at work, simply places the 1.5” x 5” green sticker on each of their keyboards, monitors, fax machines, copiers and printers this little reminder should drive home the message on a daily basis.


Think First Think Green Label



If companies would supply a dozen or so of these stickers to every employee; and if each limits their hard copy printouts, wasted (but still useful) paper, and superfluous filing that goes on every day it should make a big difference. Land fills would be reduced and trees would be saved. Filing and storage of this paperwork would be reduced and, in turn, this would reduce the need for additional office space and storage equipment. The key is not to print out everything that comes across your desk electronically; simply READ AND DELETE!  The paper you “acquire” by hand, fax, and by mail can be given a second life by using the back for notes, calculations and messages. Ted adds, "I have been doing this for years. Imagine if this simple effort was applied nationwide, and even worldwide."



For useful information on working with a promotional products consultant, learning more about using promotional products and how they can benefit your business or organization visit www.promobusinessbuilder.com .




Ted Baida is an independent 30-year veteran promotional products consultant exclusively representing Geiger (www.geiger.com); Geiger has quietly been providing advice and solutions for over a century and a quarter. It is the nation’s largest privately held distributor of promotional products and goodwill programs and editor-publisher of the world-renowned Farmers’ Almanac™.  Ted points out that being an independent consultant he only benefits if his clients benefit from his advice, and that’s his incentive to provide successful results. If you have any questions or comments, or need some professional advice related to one of your current challengesTed can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Ted Baida

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