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10 Uses for Citrus in Your Home

10 Uses for Citrus in Your Home

Everyone loves fresh squeezed orange juice and the taste of real lemon juice in recipes.  But citrus can be used for more beyond simply eating the fruit.  In honor of our recent workshop with John Panzarella at the Kingwood Garden Center, here are 10 ways to use citrus in your home.

Natural Orange Cleaner

Hold up before you throw those orange peels away.  Place the peels in a glass jar of vinegar and let them sit for two weeks.  After removing the orange peels, the remaining orange vinegar solution can be mixed with water in a 1:1 ratio for a wonderful natural cleaner that cuts grease with a fresh smell.

Garbage Disposal Freshener

There is nothing that says “yuck” as much as a smelly garbage disposal.  Throw your citrus peels in the disposal, let the disposal run for a minute, and watch the odor disappear.

Homemade Beauty Scrub

Combine the zest of your lemons with kosher salt as part of a homemade beauty scrub.  The lemon salt can also be used as a seasoning in cooking.

Laundry Aid

Get rid of mildew, mineral or rust stains in clothes by rubbing them with a paste made of lemon juice and salt and then let dry.

Wood Polish

Make your furniture and wood floors shine with a solution of lemon juice and olive oil ( 1:2 ratio.)

Pantry Problem Fix

Keep your brown sugar from getting hard by placing a small piece of orange peel in the bag or container.


Garbage disposals aren’t the only place citrus peels can be used to banish smells.  Place lemon or orange peels in a refrigerator or in the bottom of a garbage can to draw the smells away.

Light the Way with Citrus

Create a fragrant candle with this simple tutorial

Citrus Topiary

Create a fragrant and beautiful décor item using citrus peels.

Fragrant Gifts

A traditional favorite at Christmas, create a citrus and clove pomander for festive and fragrant décor or gift.

We initially shared this article on ways to use citrus at our web site and with our newsletter subscribers.

Tips for Expressing Citrus Juice

amco lemon squeezerWhile some of these tips use the zest or rind of the citrus, others use the juice.  Local food blogger, Stephanie Manley shares some of her tips for an easy way to get lemon (or any citrus) juice in her instructions on preparing this delicious lemon bar recipe.  Fresh is always best and her recommendation is the lemon squeezer from Amco.  Click here for Stephanie's lemon bar recipe.    



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