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8 Ways to have a Stress Free Holiday

8 Ways to have a Stress Free Holiday

It’s easy to be overwhelmed at holiday time. There’s so many activities, so much to accomplish and so many ways to get off track.  Added together, these take away holiday fun.  Staying focused on holiday joy requires holiday organizing.  Choose one of these 8 simple tips for less stress this holiday season.

1. Get a good night’s rest

Life is better with a good night’s sleep. With so much to do we become bedtime procrastinators and stay up late to get more done. We get too focused on a small part of holiday preparations. Be sure to get in bed to get 8 hours of rest.

2. Keep it simple Santa

It’s hard to know what’s enough. Are there enough presents under the tree? Are there enough lights on the tree? Simplifying gifts, decorations and even the number of cookies for your exchange makes for more joy at the holidays.

3. Holiday happenings

The holiday season can be when we are really over committed. Add all your events and your family events to one calendar to be sure you can attend what is most important to you. Be sure to commit to only those activities with meaning for you and your family. If you don’t want to be a part of a cookie exchange or attend Handel’s Messiah, graciously decline the invitation.

4. Lists and more lists, either paper or digital

As Santa says, making a list and checking it twice. Lists are what is needed to be sure no details are overlooked. My personal favorites that are simple to use are Evernote and Notes. (Evernote is the green elephant looking app and Notes is the post it note looking app.) I update it all year along with holiday purchases so I know what I have and what I need.

5. Share the fun by partnering with your family and friends

When you are sharing a job with others, you feel the connection to each other and your work is faster, easier and often with a better result. Get everyone in on the holiday decorating by hosting a decorating party with snacks and music. Share the work by asking who wants to do what job. Everyone wants a job they enjoy.

6. Share joy by doing for others

There is so much need in our community. Whether it’s helping assembling bikes, helping purchase toys or simply asking someone to share your holiday meal, holiday are more meaningful when you are helping others. Include your children in sharing toys with others by choosing an angel that is their age to purchase toys for.

7. Find resources that help make your season merry and bright.

Decorating, baking and food preparation take a lot of time and energy. This year may be a good time to hire a home decorator, purchase cookies from a local baker on Facebook, or purchase goodies at the grocery store. If too many obligations keep you from finding holiday joy, delegate one or more parts of holiday preparation. It’s a gift you give yourself.

8. Immerse yourself in your spirituality

Holidays are truly about spirituality. Reading your devotional and sharing these stories with your children bring you back to the reason for the holiday. Spend a few minutes each evening sharing the meaning of the holidays. Reflection and meditation are important parts of everyone’s day year round.

My wish for you is to find joy and magic in this season of gathering together. Wishing you a stress free holiday!

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