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Adult ADD and Productivity

productivity tips

Slow to start, hard to complete, lose interest, can't get it perfect? These are some of the stresses of productivity and ADD.  Having some tools to work through these challenges can help. 

Know your strengths and work from your strengths.  Have the best possible match for your work.  Creativity, being in the moment, and being a people person are often strengths for people with ADD.  Also an intense curiosity and love of information are common. Tedious, every day tasks are usually not.  Whatever your strengths, capitalize on them in your work. 

Create partnerships that work for you.  It can include an administrative assistant, a colleague, or technology.   The interaction with your partner will help you get started and the accountability will help you finish.  Be sure to ask for help in addition if you need this from a professional organizer, an ADD coach or a productivity consultant.


Set a timeline that is compelling. Your brain clicks, clicks, clicks with adeadline.  Set a series of baby steps with faux deadlines to get projects completed on time. 

Use a planner that works for you.  For technology your smart phone is always with you and can remind you.  For paper think about the planner pad with its lists, week at a glance and month at a glance features.  Focus on using the week at a glance features to help you "see" what you are doing each day. 

Capture tasks on paper or with technology.  Always have a way to have a brain dump, then prioritize your 3 Most Important Tasks (MITs) for the day.   You can't get it all done, but you can get the most important done!

Establish routines in your day and your week.  Have a power period each morning and afternoon, with interruption and distraction free times.  Assign certain tasks to certain days, such a Money Monday or Financial Friday.  Routines ensure that you are on top of the most important tasks. 

Delegate what you don't do well.  Continuing to struggle can be demoralizing and distracting.

Know what good enough is.  Perfectionism can strangle your work.  Reflect on what a minimum standard and a good enough standard are and come to a compromise.   

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