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Helpful Tips for a Stress Free Move

moving tips

May is National Moving Month!  Each year, more than 21 million Americans move between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The average American moves once every seven years.  Moving is an arduous task at best. Take all your stuff, stuff it in a box, stuff it in a truck or storage, and unstuff it! Now this is not for sissies!  However, the more organized you are, the better your move!

Declutter.  You have less, you have less to pack. It is as simple as that. Live a life of relationships, not stuff.  Begin decluttering as soon as you learn you are moving. Even better, declutter regularly.  Remember that game, if I had to move to Australia, what would I take?  Not much.  So really be decisive about what is important to keep.


Be prepared.  Moving requires planning and preliminaries.  Have sources ready for boxes (craigslist.com or uline.com) and paper.   Scope out storage and movers from reliable sources.  Do your homework to have reliable professionals in handling your stuff.  Have lots of sharpies for writing on the boxes too!

Do sweat the small stuff. It really is important to keep up with the details.  Get your paper out and keep a long list!  Label all the boxes with the list of stuff in them. Keep a list of the boxes.  Label by room, name of person's stuff and what is in there.   Pack your first night bag - the stuff you need as soon as you arrive in your new destination.   

Get help.  The more the merrier! If you have kids, be sure to plan for babysitters. Having a lot of help makes the work more fun and faster.  Set aside specific times you are working and provide beverage and snacks for the worker bees.  Delegate tasks by each team member's strengths. Who is good at packing china or babysitting the buddies?

Take good care of yourself. Plenty of rest, fruit for snacks and don't over do what you are capable of doing.   Leave the really heavy stuff for the professionals!

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