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Timely Travel Organizing Tips

Timely Travel Organizing Tips

Summer is almost here and we are more than ready for vacation!  Whether it is a weekend get away or a lengthy stay, being organized makes your trip much more enjoyable and relaxing!  

 Preparing for a trip

As you prepare for your trip, the use of online travel booking has never been easier.  All airlines, rental car agencies and hotels offer online booking. Two of my favorites are www.orbitz.com or Travelocity.com.

At Orbitz you can comparison shop for airline fares. At Travelocity you can mark a destination as a “Fare Watcher” city and receive regular updates for inexpensive airfares.  Once you have made all your reservations, place all your travel information together in a folder marked with the date and destination.  Prepare an itinerary in case of emergency, including how to contact you.  Notify everyone who you have regular contact with that you will be on vacation. Ask a neighbor to retrieve your mail and paper and watch your home just in case of a problem.

Packing for a trip

We all struggle with what to pack!  Use a check list for packing to be sure you have all you need.  Also choose one color and coordinate all pieces, shoes and purses so that you can mix and match your attire for maximum ensembles.  Use zipper pouches or zip lock bags to consolidate clothes, especially lingerie.  Keep a well stocked toiletry bag with mini bottles or sample sizes so that these are always ready to go.  With airline security, take care with what you wear to the airport. Wear shoes that can easily slip on and off and limit the amount of jewelry you wear so you don't have to remove as many items going through the metal detectors.

Returning from a trip

You’ve had fun in the sun and now it is back to reality!  Schedule a catch up day with minimal distractions.  Get a jump start on your paperwork by giving your mail a quick review – toss junk, collect bills, consolidate decisions.  To remember all the fun, take a photo of you on the trip and place it in a frame for your desk! If you feel yourself losing that post-vacation glow, look at your photo and remember the good time you had! Photos are wonderful inexpensive souvenirs of the trip!

Happy Organizing! Ellen

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