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Tips for Building a Family Team

Tips for Building a Family Team

Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective for us to improve our quality of life! What would you think of using business strategies to simplify your home, as well as feel more productive? Think of yourself as the Family Manager™ who creates a team. Working together, your family can create and adopt “House Rules” and “Standard Operating Procedures."


Keep your family communicating by holding a “family meeting”. Choose a day and time each week to hold the family meeting to share important dates, upcoming activities and share family members’ accomplishments. At the meeting, fill in a calendar with each person’s upcoming events and deadlines and then hang the calendar kitchen where everyone can see and review it regularly. After this 30 - 45 minute family meeting, join in the fun with a special meal or dessert, game night or movie. This team building creates a special bond where everyone is heard and everyone shares what is important.

Establish House Rules with your family. By having a set of House Rules that each member of the family agrees to, everyone know what to expect and there is less stress. This also helps family members work together. Your family collaborates on these in the family meeting and then agrees to follow them consistently. House rules establish the way we interact in relationships. These are ways we respectfully treat our family and friends. Examples of House Rules include “We’re all in this together”, “no yelling or name calling”, “respect each other’s space and stuff” and many other ways we interact with our family. Keep your House Rules simple and short, so they are easy to follow.

Standard Operating Procedures are established routines that keep your family running smoothly. In establishing these routines, parents free up time, increase your energy, reduce stress, and set expectations that affirm your family’s priorities. These include different operational aspects of your family life, including housework, homework, and dinner. Examples of Standard Operating Procedures include how chores are distributed for each family member and establishing evening routines, such as getting ready for the next day. With this consistency, family members feel better about the team and each person knows exactly what is expected of them and does it.

Creating a happy, organized home creates good feelings for each family member. By building a family team and creating cohesion in your family, you are affirming all of the family members and nurturing yourself and them. The true benefit of being a Family Manager™ is seeing your family become the interwoven team you envisioned!

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