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Traditional Staples and So Much More: It's June Dairy Month

une Dairy Month is back and ready to help shoppers get more out of their budgets and discover something new that may become an old favorite.

In today's economy, shoppers are becoming more and more budget-conscious by the day. They're looking to stretch their dollar even more – which is why they're keeping the dairy aisle on their list.

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According to the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA), the average family makes a purchase from the dairy aisle almost weekly – 47 times a year to be exact. That's because the dairy aisle offers the value and variety shoppers want, and why 90% of families shop there.

Dairy…and so much more

The dairy aisle isn't just for milk, butter, eggs and cheese, even though they're still top picks by shoppers. Those staples are just one part of a much larger picture that's only getting bigger and better.

Today, products like vegan butter and cheese and plant-based yogurt and milk are sitting side by side with the staples of the aisle. They're examples of how the aisle continues to change to meet consumers' dietary needs. Plant-based products are a huge driver for growth in the aisle, which is why more and more innovations are hitting shelves every day, with no slowdown in sight.

Versatility and Variety

Whether you want a snack or meal, the dairy aisle holds a huge assortment of nutritious, protein-packed products as well as many indulgent options to fit every eating occasion and diet. There's something for everyone no matter what you're making or how you're eating.

From string cheese to probiotic yogurt, find portable, on-the-go snacking options. From coffee creamer to ready-to-drink beverages, easily satisfy your thirst. From English muffins to pop-and-bake rolls, round out any meal. The dairy aisle offers unique ingredients and innovative products that bring variety and value to your mealtimes.

Now that June Dairy Month is here, it's the perfect time to try something new! NFRA's month-long celebration includes unique recipes, informative tips and even a $10,000 Sweepstakes! Enter at EasyHomeMeals.com.

The dairy aisle continues to offer countless options and innovations beyond its traditional staples. Take advantage of June Dairy Month, and head down the dairy aisle at your local grocer to discover all the aisle has to offer.

For more inspiration, visit EasyHomeMeals.com.

National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association

About National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) NFRA is a non-profit trade association representing all segments of the frozen and refrigerated foods industry. NFRA sponsors national promotions March Frozen Food Month, June Dairy Month and June/July Ice Cream & Novelties; and provides consumer information such as food safety guidelines, meal preparation tips, recipes and sweepstakes opportunities through its Easy Home Meals consumer website and social media properties.

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