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Watch Out for Fire Blight in Texas Trees

In the past several years, Texas trees have taken a heavy hit from fire blight.  It is a condition causing leaves to brown and dry up resulting from a bacterial infection.  The leaves look like they have been scorched by fire, thus the name “fire blight.”1 

Manageable Resolutions for the New Year

We've reached the New Year.  A turn of the calendar which causes many of us think back on the year that has been and, of course, eagerly await the year to be.  Over the last few weeks there have been a many festivities, gatherings, shared meals, and high expectations.  In the aftermath of this comes “holiday remorse” and a series of grand, sweeping resolutions.

Amazing Appetizers for New Year's Eve

You may be looking for some amazing appetizers you may be looking for them for New Years Eve, or perhaps you want a great ideas for an upcoming party. Here is a great selection of appetizer recipes that are heavy enough to work as a meal. 

8 Ways to have a Stress Free Holiday

It’s easy to be overwhelmed at holiday time. There’s so many activities, so much to accomplish and so many ways to get off track.  Added together, these take away holiday fun.  Staying focused on holiday joy requires holiday organizing.  Choose one of these 8 simple tips for less stress this holiday season.

10 Simple Tips to Organize Your Life

I love to keep things simple. I am a born organized person who wants to help others simplify, create order and help people live the life they imagined. So I wanted to share some tips that I use to make each day a little more organized.

Deck the (Decluttered) Halls

Holiday time is almost here! November begins our holiday celebrations with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah and New Year's Eve. Our holidays bring amazing joy and lots to do at our homes. Doing just a little decluttering makes it easier to decorate your home and helps you feel prepared. Spend on hour on one of these four areas to help you get prepared for your most memorable holiday

ADD and Productivity Tips

  Slow to start, hard to complete, lose interest, or can't get it perfect? These are some of the stresses of productivity and ADD. Having some tools to work through these challenges can help.

holiday organizing tips

The holiday season is just around the corner! That means there's a lot to be done in a short time. The holidays are about giving and sharing, as well as helping those in our community.

Plan your holiday season with a big paper month-at-a-glance calendar or the google calendar online. Knowing your upcoming commitments and plans keeps you from double booking. Review it weekly to keep on track with purchasing gifts and making goodies. Set deadlines on your calendar to get it all complete.

It all starts with lists.

organizing on the go

In the fall we start back on our regular routines of school and work. Your car is your office on the go and your home away from home! Whether you are a professional going to work or a busy mom or dad carpooling, having an organized vehicle can make the difference in your travels.

Think about what items you will need as you travel. We all need tissues, first aid kit, car insurance, and a flashlight just in case. What is needed for other travelers? Busy families may need books or toys. Travel for work may require business products and files. Take a few minutes to plan and write a list of needs for you and your family.

back to school checklist

It's August and you and your kids are counting down the days until school begins again.  Start the year off right with some easy steps to prepare for the first day.   A little preparation goes a long way throughout the school year.  


It is time to schedule all those back to school doctor, dental and eye glass appointments. It can take up to 2 weeks so call now for the best time.  Many athletic departments require physicals and it is important to have an updated immunization record. Be proactive and get these dates on your calendar.  Remember to get an extra copy for your files too!  Schedule other groom essentials like haircuts and more too.

productivity tips

Slow to start, hard to complete, lose interest, can't get it perfect? These are some of the stresses of productivity and ADD.  Having some tools to work through these challenges can help. 

Know your strengths and work from your strengths.  Have the best possible match for your work.  Creativity, being in the moment, and being a people person are often strengths for people with ADD.  Also an intense curiosity and love of information are common. Tedious, every day tasks are usually not.  Whatever your strengths, capitalize on them in your work. 

Create partnerships that work for you.  It can include an administrative assistant, a colleague, or technology.   The interaction with your partner will help you get started and the accountability will help you finish.  Be sure to ask for help in addition if you need this from a professional organizer, an ADD coach or a productivity consultant.

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