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Its Hurricane Season in Kingwood - Are You Prepared?

It's hurricane season again in Texas.  Just one year ago the world watched as Hurricane Katrina devasted Louisiana and the surrounding gulf states. 

Kingwood and the Houston area helped many of the Katrina evacuees, and then one month later needed help themselves as Hurricane Rita threatened to hit Houston as a Category 5 hurricane.  Luckily Rita shifted and downgraded to a  category 3 before it hit, but the damage was still extensive.

Organizing and Academic Success

School begins soon and possibly some anxious moments of lost homework, a disheveled backpack and unknown test dates.  Whether it's keeping track of homework or remembering to bring home a backpack, students from middle school through college need to be organized to succeed in school. For many students academic challenges are often due to disorganization rather than intelligence.  Organizing for academic success is a learned skill and with the right tools and routines can make a difference for any student. 

Tips of the Season - An Organized Pantry

What lurks in our most important kitchen space? The pantry!  When we organize, it is the spot that will most save time and money, as well as reduce stress (especially at 5pm!)  The pantry can be stocked with items on sale for daily use and to protect us in those emergency situations too.  It is also the spot to begin party planning.  Use these effortless steps to organize your pantry.   

Tips of the Season - Preparedness

Are you prepared?  This year’s hurricane season has brought the need for emergency preparedness to a new level.  Get started with these online resources in order to be prepared in advance.  Being prepared makes all the difference!   

Dont Forget to RSVP

R.S.V.P. stands for the French phrase Répondez s’il vous plait.  In English, it means please reply.  This phrase is added to guest invitations when hosts want to know whether or not you are able to attend their event.  

Organizing with Your Kids

Our families are blessed with abundance and we have never seen this more than with the blessings of toys, clothes and more for our children. With summer here, it is a great time to enlist your children in decluttering your home and organizing!

Timely Travel Organizing Tips

Summer is almost here and we are more than ready for vacation!  Whether it is a weekend get away or a lengthy stay, being organized makes your trip much more enjoyable and relaxing!  

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