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Dinosaur World unveils new exhibit at 2006 HGMS show at Humble Civic Center - Houston Gem and Mineral Society Schedule of Events&heading=Schedule of Events

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Dinosaur World unveils new exhibit at 2006 HGMS show at Humble Civic Center

Dinosaur World

This year’s show features the premiere of “A Prehistoric Journey,” a new exhibit from Dinosaur World in San Antonio showcasing the skeletons, skulls, teeth, bones, spikes and claws of prehistoric creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago.

With three main sections – “Air and Sea,” “Dinosaurs,” and “Mammals” – the museum-quality exhibit will bring the whole family face to face with more than 75 fossil replicas, including “Stan,” a life-size T. rex skull replica, a Triceratops skull, a Pteranodon with a 23-foot wing span, a femur from a rare and monstrous saurapod, a prehistoric sea turtle, an ancient killer bird, Smilodon and Cave Bear skulls, swimming reptiles, raptors, and juvenile T. rex skeletons. “Dinosaur George” Blasing and his team of paleontology experts will be on hand to provide visitors with detailed information and a unique interactive learning experience.

This online retail company, based in San Antonio, offers a wide variety of fossil reproductions as well as educational videos, including the “Dinosaur George” series of scientific videos that can be purchased online. Visit Dinosaur World’s Web site at http://dinosaurworld.com/ for a complete catalog of merchandise, description of educational seminars, list of shows, and pictures from their recent fossil digs.

Dreamstar Productions

John Fischner is well-known for his lifelike dinosaur sculptures. Working out of his home and studio in Needville, near Brazos Bend State Park, he uses the tools of his trade – coat hangers and wire, various types of clay and resins, paint, scientific research and evidence, and lots of imagination – to breathe life and beauty into creatures who have long since vanished from the face of the earth. He can create anything from a small replica of a baby dinosaur hatching from its egg to a 20-foot-long, meat-eating monster with razor-sharp teeth and menacing, furious eyes.

John’s first and lasting interest has been dinosaurs, which he strives to visualize through his art and filmmaking. He is a well-known exhibitor at the Tucson show, and at the HGMS annual show he always thrills the young and old alike with his vivid reproductions and dinosaur sculpting demonstrations. You can see some of his creations on the Web at http://www.wmnh.com/wmds0000.htm.

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