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Helping Hurricane Victims Pick Up the Pieces

Helping Hurricane Victims Pick Up the Pieces

I'm sure you have all heard about the devastation that is occurring in New Orleans and surrounding areas due to the recent hurricane.  Many of us actually know people who are currently affected and essentially devastated by the storm.  I have several friends and family staying with me currently that had to evacuate, and I know many of you do as well.  Some New Orleans residents are being advised that they will be allowed to enter their homes early next week (monday is what we hear) to 'claim whatever they can' and then escorted out of the city, expecting to not return for several months.   We are putting together a list of things we need, and I am asking for all of your help. 

Here is a list of supplies that we are asking for, and we need them quickly......before Sunday. 
Target bags (not Kroger, etc, since they are too flimsy)
black trash bags (not a ton of these, since they will break if overloaded)
packing materials (newspapers, bubble wrap, etc)
old sheets, rags and towels to wrap belongings
packing tape
ropes and bungee cord
bottled water
clorox/disinfecting wipes
plywood (to board up after they empty their house)
a few hammers (hopefully will be returned)
info on borrowing or renting a large enclosed trailer that can be pulled by a truck (not a gooseneck)
As far as I know, the plan is this:  On Monday, when they are allowed in, the residents are planning to get in with as many packing supplies, people, trucks, and materials and get out as fast as they can.  Due to the security reasons, they may not be allowed in the house to gather leftover belongings for more than an hour or 2......we simply don't know yet. 

If you are housing people at your house and making similar plans, please contact me.  We will try to send as many people/boxes/trucks/etc in all together at the same time assuming the police will allow it.   

We are collecting these items for anyone who needs them.  If you can donate, contact me to arrange a drop off.  If you have friends and family that need these items, email me and we will arrange to get them to you.

ANYTHING THAT IS LEFT OVER will be donated to the refugees that are being housed in the Astrodome.  I promise you nothing will go to waste. 

Anything you can do to help will be appreciated to these people that have literally lost everything and are potentially going back to try to salvage any small thing they can find.  FORWARD THIS ON TO ANYONE THAT YOU BELIEVE CAN HELP. 

Kingwood and MOYC did an amazing job helping the tsunami victims, and I have no doubt we are all ready to pull together again to help even closer to home. 

Thank you so much in advance-

Cynthia Cantrell

MOYC President


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