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Kingwood, TX

Hurricane Rita in Kingwood - The Aftermath

Hurricane Rita in Kingwood - The Aftermath

While the damage in the Kingwood area was much less than originally expected due to the shift in the path of the hurricane, there was still a significant amount of wind damage.   Streets were littered with branches and debris.  Trees can be seen across town that were split from the strain, and a number were uprooted and toppled by the wind.  Many of the fallen trees missed the structures, but there are homes throughout the villages that took a direct hit.


The clean-up efforts were facilitated by efforts by the Kingwood Chamber of Commerce and it's coordination of "Operation Clear-a-Path."  At 6:30 am on Saturday morning, volunteers began clearing obstructions from the main Kingwood arterial streets.  Many residents who stayed in town were not even aware of the extent of the damage as the City of Houston began picking up the debris cleared by volunteers as early as 10:00 am on Saturday morning.  

Current Status

 Kingwood retained water, gas, cable, and land phone lines throughout the storm for the most part.  Cebridge cable was out for some homes, but is now mostly online with intermittent interruptions. 

There were a large number of electrical outages due to wind damage.   Many of the Kingwood Villages now have power; however, if you are currently out of town and are trying to find out if there is power at your home, try to reach one of your neighbors as there are smaller outages within the neighborhoods that have power restored.  Below is a list of villages with reported electrical status.

  • Bear Branch - Yes
  • Elm Grove - No (9/26)
  • Forest Cove - No (9/27)
  • Foster's Mill - Yes
  • Greentree - Yes
  • Hunter's Ridge - Yes
  • Kings Crossing - Yes
  • Kings Forest - sections have been restored (9/26)
  • Kings Manor - Yes
  • Kings Point - Yes
  • Kings River - Yes
  • Kingwood Glen - Yes
  • Kingwood Greens - Yes
  • Kingwood Lakes - Yes
  • Kingwood Place - Yes
  • Mills Branch - Yes
  • North Woodland Hills - sections have been restored (9/27)
  • Oakhurst - Yes
  • Riverchase - Yes
  • Sand  Creek - Yes
  • Sherwood Trails - Yes
  • South Woodland Hills - Yes
  • Trailwood - Yes
  • Woodspring Forest - No (9/26)
  • Woodstream - Yes


The Kingwood Chamber has included information on locations to beat the heat; free legal and insurance advice, and contracting repair tips at KingwoodRelief.org

Visit the Kingwood Connection photo gallery for pictures of the Hurricane Rita damage.   Would you like to share yours?  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What were your Hurricane Rita experiences?  Share them here


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