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Kingwood, TX

Kingwood Bestselling Authors Launch New Book

Kingwood Bestselling Authors Launch New Book

Kingwood resident, Germaine Porche' may be the first one to tell you that even coaches have a sense of humor. Germaine, who has been a management consultant for 18 years, has a long  history of coaching executives and teams to accelerate business performance.


But, despite her serious work, Germaine has managed to also see the lighter side of the coaching industry.

In December 2006, Germaine, along with collaborator, partner and husband Jed Niederer, published Coaching Soup for the Cartoon Soul - a series of cartoon books that offer coaching principles and wisdom.


Directed to both the coach and the “player,” or someone who is being coached, the books offer humorous insights into the coaching industry.

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Germaine, who along with Jed has also written the book, Coach Anyone About Anything, explains that she wanted  the focus of this new series to be on the coach, as well as the players.

“We put more emphasis on the coach because it's our profession and people take themselves and what they do too seriously,” she explains. “My partner, Jed is the cartoon artist,” she adds. “We’ve discovered that people enjoy laughing at themselves. We sometimes use cartoons in our work to lighten things up a bit. Humor is part of accelerated learning.”

Germaine says that coaching is a key skill used by everyone — including managers, executives, entrepreneurs and management consultants. She explains that the books fit within the marketing strategy of her business in that they are a humorous way for people to learn and discover
her company’s brand of coaching and coaching education.

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