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Kingwood, TX

Kingwood Parc - New Multi Use Development on the Horizon

kingwood parc

Philippe and Mieke Cras are known in Kingwood for their community involvement and dedication to Kingwood’s businesses and area non-profits. They have been successful in creating an exceptional hotel through their hard work, talents and community relationships.


They are now using these virtues to create a multi-use development called Kingwood Parc. This has always been a goal of the Cras’ with their primary emphasis to develop a multi-use project. When asked if they are concerned about the of the current economy, Cras stated, “We are looking to the future, and in our opinion Kingwood is and has been a very stable environment, a place with a wonderful future for us, our children and our children’s children.”


The “FOR SALE” signs, visible on Loop 494 and Highway 59 north feeder road, have already attracted interest and questions. Kingwood Parc tracts are for sale for development within this multi-use project. A variety of interested parties have made serious inquiries and are looking to be part of Kingwood Parc, including multi-family developers, mortgage companies, title companies and restaurants, as well as companies looking for Class A office space and corporate headquarters.

Kingwood Parc will be the newest multi-use development in Kingwood. Just “on the edge of the forest”™ and overlooking the new Kingwood entry lake, where Kingwood Parc will attract a completely new and different lifestyle. An intimate and picturesque amphitheatre and green areas are planned where fundraisers can be held and local groups will be invited to perform community venues.

“We are using our network of consultants to apply additional expertise to specific project requirements to ensure the best combination of talent for this unique project,” says Cras.

This multi-use development covers 43+ acres of wooded area where a new community will grow. Philippe, with his vision, will be the orchestrator to bring multiple entities together, where they will blend perfectly with the design requirements of a multi-use development. Philippe understands each of the different building types and requirements to successfully finance and implement this type of project.

This progressive, “Livable Forest” development honors the tradition of its surroundings while adding energy and excitement to the community. For sales and leasing information, please contact Roddy McAlpine at 281.973.0456 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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