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Kingwood, TX

Preparing for Hurricane Rita in Kingwood

Preparing for Hurricane Rita in Kingwood

Dated:  Friday, September 23rd

Kingwood Area Emergency Shelters

Several Humble ISD schools will be opened as emergency shelters to weather the storm.  They will open at 12 pm today.  Bring your own supplies and be in place by 6:00 PM today for lock down.

1. Willow Creek Elementary - 2002 Willow Terrace Kingwood, TX 77345 -

2. Greentree Elementary  - 3502 Brook Shadow Dr. Kingwood, TX 77345 ,

3. Creekwood Middle School  - 3603 Lake Houston Pkwy. Kingwood, TX 77339 -

4. Kingwood Middle School - 2407 Pine Terrace, Kingwood, TX 77339

5.  Woodland Hills Elementary - 2222 Tree Lane

 If you are staying in your home. – (If you are choosing to seek shelter in your own home, Addie Wiseman gave me some great advice. Take shelter in the Southwest side of your home away from windows. Crack a window on the southwest side to release pressure in your home. The Northeast side of your home is where you can expect the most wind and propelling objects. Expect some loud noises including cracking sounds.

Post Hurricane Rita Clean-up

In the event that Hurricane Rita results in fallen trees across roads, the Kingwood Chamber of Commerce has asked qualified volunteers to help clear Kingwood’s main road arteries to allow emergency/supply vehicles the earliest possible access through Kingwood. Tree-blocked roads hampered Kingwood’s recovery from Hurricane Alicia in 1983. We cannot expect timely help from the City in this matter. Thus, the Chamber has asked that members participate in a volunteer effort.

Your participation could make a big difference!

The Plan: Immediately after the winds subside, those who can defer their own family’s recovery efforts recruit a “qualified team” to get to the nearest “critical road” listed below, find a fallen tree, clear it, and move to the next obstruction. Breaches need only be wide enough to allow a truck to pass. 

Safety First: Clearing trees from roads can be difficult and dangerous. Only volunteers who are confident that they have the necessary skills, proper equipment, and stamina should participate. Downed trees can have powerful invisible forces, like torsion, which can result in injury if not safely managed. Chainsaws are dangerous tools which should only be operated in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and safety warnings. 

Each “Qualified Team” will have:

  • 3 physically capable and knowledgeable persons
  • A truck
  • Sturdy ropes and/or chains
  • A gas-powered chainsaw, fuel mix, etc.
  • Work gloves
  • Cell phone and (optional, see below) a walkie-talkie
  • Safety supplies (drinking water, first aid kit, etc.) 

Critical Roads:

  • Kingwood Drive from US Hwy 59 to West Lake Houston Parkway
  • West Lake Houston Parkway, between Kingwood Drive and Northpark Drive
  • Northpark Drive from US Hwy 59 to West Lake Houston Parkway 

Once there is a clear “loop” along these roads, other important arteries may be addressed if external relief still has not arrived.


Sparky Nolan is leading the town-wide effort. If a team captain has not been designated for the area your team is in, contact Sparky for guidance and to report progress and problems. If cell phones are operational, he can be reached at 832-633-6332. (Text messaging may work better than voice.) If cell phones are ineffective, those with walkie-talkies should periodically check available channels for contact (but leave devices on and tuned to Channel 3 as default). As soon as possible, a physical operations center will be set up at the fireworks stand across from Flowers of Kingwood (1962 Northpark Drive). If contact cannot be made, operate safely and independently.

(Note:  Nextel Direct Connect can often get through when cell phone calls cannot.)

School Update Information

Visit the Humble ISD web site for updates on school closures



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