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Kingwood, TX

Reality Show Coming to Kingwood

Reality Show Coming to Kingwood

Do you have the need for speed?

Don't miss your chance to satisfy it by attending the Houston Audition for SpeedFreak to be held at Northpark Plaza (by Luby's) on Hwy 59 in Kingwood at 10:00 am.


SPEEDFREAK is a Motorsport Reality TV show based on a unique concept of competition between men and women achieving multiple levels of excellence.  It will be their first time ever, to be taught how to drag race the quarter mile for cash and prizes; to see who can become the best apprentice racer.  The finale will be shown at a special time and place to crown “SPEEDFREAK 2005”.


There will be twelve men and twelve women contestants chosen from the auditions that will be held throughout the USA.  These contestants will be instructed on the fundamentals of drag racing various automobiles down the quarter mile dragstrip.  This will occur at racetracks across the country.

Various forms of achievements will move contestants to the next level of competition as they eliminate their components through each round.  The various forms of achievement include:  learning to execute the most effective launch, achieving a respectful reaction time and driving and shifting the automobile to its full potential down the track.  Each contest will gradually elevate from a slower car to a faster car.

As contestants win a round, they will advance to the next level with a faster automobile.  If they escape elimination, they will then be ready for serious competition with their own team for a performance build-up car done by BILLET DESIGN MOTORSPORTS.

 After half of the field of competitors are eliminated, those lucky few who have survived removal by defeat, will be rewarded by receiving their own team to teach them the mechanics of building a Hi-Performance streetcar-turned-racecar, and instructed on how to manage this Hi-powered vehicle down the quarter mile.  The few will race for the final position.

Elements, such as: attitude, personality, reaction time, and driving performance, are factors that will help determine who remains in this competition.  The enjoyment of the series will reach great levels as long as participants do not forget they are still racing motor vehicles at high rates of speed, and they do not lose focus to the ultimate goal.

The ULTIMATE GOAL?  To be the last competitor standing, to be the crowned 2005 SPEEDFREAK of the year.  The Ultimate survivor may stay crowned with the accolade and prize, or go for the SUPER ULTIMATE run-off for all or nothing race against a mystery racer for a super cash prize and possible race contract.


Sal Ramos, known as the “FREAKIN RICAN, the worlds fastest Puerto Rican” will be the shows host.  From time to time, Sal will show up in his Lamborghini, and other various wild rides.  This should prove to be a great source of eye candy.  Co-Hosts will be  Judy Kraft and "export tuner" Marco Manzie of Billet Design Motorsports, USA.  The Host and Co-Host's will be narrating and coordinating all the action from the sidelines and other various locations on the set.  Several cameo appearances, also, from car clubs, sound cars, and up-and-coming performers will add a special flavor to the show.

For more information about the show, visit speedfreak.tv

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