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Kingwood, TX

The Golden Rule Upgrade: The Platinum Upgrade - Sawyer to Speak at ABWA Woven Luncheon

The Golden Rule Upgrade: The Platinum Upgrade - Sawyer to Speak at ABWA Woven Luncheon

Kingwood TX:  Attend the next ABWA WOVEN meeting on Tuesday, October 10th, and learn about "The Golden Rule Upgrade: The Platinum Rule," presented by Kim Sawyer of The Wealth Source.

The meeting will be held at the Kingwood Country Club at 1700 Lake Kingwood Trail from 11:30 to 1:00 pm.   Lunch is $20 for members, $25 for guests. 

Visit www.abwawoven.org for more information or call 281-744-5761.  Reservations may also be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

Kim Sawyer, as seen in the Houston Chronicle, has over twenty years of diverse professional experience, with special expertise in the areas of business, executive, and career coaching; business facilitation; and leadership development. He has a proven track record in business development, marketing, and sales. He understands business processes, as well as the value of investment in and development of a company’s human, intellectual, and social capital, and is certified in The Birkman Method®. Kim has a keen interest in entrepreneurship, as well as in science and technology. He has traveled broadly, and speaks Spanish.

Kim founded and served for ten years as the C.E.O. of Muscles for Hire®, LLC, a commercial and residential specialty service provider. His vision, energy, management, and leadership nurtured a company that produced thousands of satisfied customers, a tremendous growth in revenues, strong, brand and professional recognition. Features in the Houston Chronicle and the Houston Business Journal are a testament to Kim’s leadership and the company’s successes.

Since selling his interest in Muscles for Hire, Kim founded theWealthSource®, which provides individual coaching, mutual-coaching Success Groups(What are Success Groups?), business facilitation, and consulting in the field of Organizational and Human Resource Development. Their engagements have included team building, leadership development, outplacement and career-transition, strategic planning, and business/executive coaching. Kim has a special passion for integrating ideas and technologies generally considered to belong exclusively in the spiritual and emotional realms with business - as powerful, practical tools with which to impact business success. In keeping with this mission, theWealthSource® has created a series of professional development workshops, ArtfulBusiness, and a business value-based diversity workshop, Strategic Diversity. Kim’s broad network of business relationships and resources has contributed greatly to the success of his clients, as well as to his own on-going success in business. In addition, Kim is on the executive start-up team of CaféExec®, a corporation he co-founded, that develops non-traditional office/meeting space projects with mixed-use business retail and facilities.

A representative sample of Kim’s clients include: Continental Airlines, JP Morgan Chase Bank, British Broadcasting Corporation, IBM, Chevron-Texaco, The Hartford Group, Sprint Paranet, Decision Quest, Freidkin Affiliated Companies, Winstead, Sechrest and Minick Law Firm, Rice University’s Jones School of Business, The City of Lake Jackson, Texas, The Council on Alcohol and Drugs – Houston.

Kim’s background includes a business degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the University of Houston, and a Master of Science in Organizational Development and Change Management at The University of Texas-Dallas. He avidly pursues continuing educational, personal, professional, and artistic development. Kim served in the U.S. Army in (West) Berlin, and he is actively involved in community service.

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