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Williams to Run for District E Houston City Council Seat

Williams to Run for District E Houston City Council Seat

On September 4th, William R. Williams officially filed as a candidate for the Houston City Council District E election to be held on November 6th, 2007.  

Williams first announced his intentions to run on April 28th, 2007 at River Grove Park in Kingwood.  Since then, he has attended a variety of community meetings across this widespread and diverse district which encompasses Kingwood, Forest Cove, Clear Lake, and Sagemont.   Williams believes that listening is key to understanding each neighborhood’s unique issues, and pledges, “When I am elected to City Council, residents from all corners of District E can rest assured that their interests will be represented equally.”  

Williams’ city council campaign platform centers around four themes important to all residents of District E:
•    Improve mobility around the city
•    Ensure better air quality
•    Increase the number of police on the street
•    Provide all residents of District E with the best representation on City Council.

To achieve these goals, Williams believes that the District E representative must be a consensus builder, as District E represents only one vote out of 14 on City Council. “I have always worked to bring about positive change and believe that my ability to find common ground and build consensus will help move Houston toward a brighter future.”

Williams resides in Kingwood with his wife of 10 years, Kim Hammond, their two sons, Liam and Gareth, and their rescued dog, Stella. He states, “My wife and I chose to raise our children in Kingwood.  Houston is a great place to live, to work, and to raise a family.  As a father, I am especially interested in making our city even better for coming generations.” 

Williams currently serves as the General Counsel of Imperial Petroleum Recovery Corporation, an oil services firm specializing in emulsion treatment which also operates a bio-diesel plant in Dayton, Texas.

Amid his busy business and family schedule, Williams believes in the importance of volunteering ones time and talents in the community.  Thus, he serves on the Good Shepherd Episcopal School Board, and has volunteered his time with a number of church and community charities, including Good Shepherd’s “Hearts and Hands” home-repair program and the Salvation Army during hurricane relief efforts.  Williams is also proud to be a regular blood donor.

Williams has volunteered as a Deputy Voter Registrar for Harris County since 2003 and serves as an Alternate Election Judge for Harris County elections in his precinct.

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