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Wrap Up Summer at the Houston Downtown Aquarium

downtown aquarium

As summer is winding down and the economy is still struggling along, it can be a challenge to find new fun and affordable things to do with the family.

The Kingwood Connection and Landry's Restaurants have partnered to offer a discounted special at the Houston Downtown Aquarium for Kingwood Connection readers.

Kingwood Connection Day at the Downtown Aquarium will be on Saturday, August 13th, from 10 am to 11 pm.  Present a copy of the flyer to receive an all day pass, normally $15.99, for only $11 per person . . . a 30% savings.


About the Houston Downtown Aquarium

kc-aquarium-flyer.pngThe Downtown Aquarium is a six acre dining and entertainment complex located at 410 Bagby and Memorial Drive in Houston.   Can enjoy the sights presented by the 150,0000 gallon aquarium while dining in the restaurant.

Afterwards, visitors can explore the Aquarium Adventure Exhibit with a variety of environments including a Louisiana Swamp, a shipwreck, a rainforest, a sunken temple, the Gulf of Mexico, Discovery Rig, white tigers of Maharaja's Temple, and Shark Voyage,

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