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Celebrating New Life in 2015 at Memorial Hermann

Celebrating New Life in 2015 at Memorial Hermann
Vanessa & Brett Roe of Kingwood welcomed daughter Abigail Roe on January 2nd.

The first news in 2015 from the Memorial Hermann Healthcare system is one of celebration and new life.  Vanessa and Brett Roe of Kingwood welcomed their daughter Abigail on January 2nd.  Abigail was the first baby to be born at Memorial Hermann Notheast in 2015.


Abigail arrived at 4:22 in the afternoon weighing a healthy 8 lbs and 4 ounces.  Congratulations to the Roes!  What a wond erful way to start the year.

However, Abigail was not the first baby to be born at a Memorial Hermann hospital.  At Hermann Memorial Southwest JesseAngel Zavala beat her by a day, arriving at 7:13 am on January 1st. weighing 8 lbs and 9 ounces  to Erica Martinez.

In the announcement, James Campbell, the Director of Public Affairs made it very clear that the name was JesseAngel, one word, not a first and middle name.

When I read the announcement I thought, "Well that's an interesting name."  I love looking up the meaning of names.  It is the first blessing a parent gives to their child, the first word they speak into their life.  It's also interesting to me that even if the parents didn't know what the name they gave their child meant, how exactly that name matches the person's personality and life.  

the name book name meaningsFor example, Abigail is a Hebrew name which means, "My Father Rejoices."

In Biblical accounts when a person's name was changed, it was because God was speaking a blessing into their life, a transformation, of what they were not then but that they would be.  He changed Abram and Sarai's name meaning "Noble Father" and "Princess" to Abraham and Sarah promising they would become a Father and Mother of Nations.  (Genesis 17:1-6)   

Their grandson, Jacob, also received a divine identity transformation when his name which means supplanter, someone striving to take and make things happen on his own, to Israel, which means "wrestled with God," but also a prince who has prevailed.  (Genesis 32:28)

Announcing the New Year

Back to this interesting name of "JesseAngel."  An angel is a messenger of God and most of us are probably familiar with the name Jesse as the father of King David in the Bible.  Jesse, also a Hebrew name, means "God Exists."

I had just read an article on the Wall Street Journal by Eric Metaxas on how with every new discovery, science itself makes a case for God.  

I have to wonder what is ahead of us in the upcoming year and what is in store for the City of Houston in a year that starts with a new citizen christened as a Messenger that God Exists.

JesseAngel Zavala - First Baby 2015
JesseAngel Zavala was born on Jan 1, 2015 to Erika Martinez
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